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Up Consulting & Marketing
Let's find your best option together!

Due to the globalization, a lot of companies make the choice to provide their products on different markets. It is never easy to understand and enter on a new one. A misunderstanding of the environment can be really risky and companies can loose a lot of time and money on this kind of projects.


We understand it and choosed to provide additional services as consulting and marketing support.


Due to our international team composed by experienced engineers and marketing specialist, we understand the need of foreign manufacturers and help them to find the right solution to enter on the Japanese medical market.


We continue to expand our global network to provide high value-added consulting services to assist you in expanding your business to Japan. No matter how difficult is the challenge or how long is the process, we examine by your side your operations to help you to achieve your goals.


Due to our experience and our professional team, we establish a personalized report and give you solutions adapted to your case.


Moreover, with basic consultations, we examine with you if your products are suitable for the Japanese market, and if so, assist your Project Management team to understand and specify Japanese requirements and support your R&D.


Please contact us to plan your meeting and find a way to establish your new market !

Your Advantages

By letting us support you, you minimize the risks concerning the expansion of your business on the Japanese medical market. Here are the 5 main advantages:


  1. You can register your product at the lowest possible cost.

  2. You keep your right and control of your product license.

  3. You get an easy and safe access to the Japanese market.

  4. You get help to establish a sales and distribution network for your products in Japan.

  5. You will work with an international team composed by experienced marketing specialists and engineers understanding your needs and your expectations.

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